Frequently Asked Questions

What is PG Manager™ app?

PG Manager™ is an application that allows to manage your PG digitally! It allows you to create and manage PG upto bed level.
You can check-in inmates, collect payments, check bed availability, handle issues and even checkout inmates with a finger tip without having to worry about rent calculations, cause we will do it for you!
All you have to do is sit back and enjoy its features!

Why do i need PG Cloud app?

PG Cloud app is for inmates that are checked into your PG. This enables you to receive online rent payments from inmates, handle issues and more.

How do i register with PG Manager™?

Simple, install the app and click on Register, provide the basic information and you are all done. You can start creating PGs right after!

Where can i find PG Cloud app?

Its available on google play store. So is PG Manager™ app.

Is PG Manager™ app forever free?

It's free for 3 months from the day you register! And an affordable price after that of which will be spanned over yearly licenses.

Is PG Cloud app forever free?

Absolutely!! It's free forever.

How to download PG Cloud?

PG Cloud app can be downloaded from the play store or Click here to download.

How to login to PG Cloud?

Inmates can register with PG Cloud in the PG Cloud android app [or] Once the owner checks in an inmate, inmate will be registered with PG Cloud by default and the inmate will get an SMS with login credentials.

What is PG Cloud ID?

It is an unique ID provided to inmate once he/she registers with PG Cloud. It can be used to checkin an inmate anywhere.

How is PG Manager™ and PG Cloud linked?

PG Manager™ app acts as a parent for PG Cloud. PG Manager™ app is for PG owners whereas PG Cloud is for inmates staying at PGs.